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BSL Expectations

Head of House Expectations

  1. Be a positive role model and set a good example for other guests.
  2. Support the Owner, Staff, and all employees in their decisions, and the rules of the house.
  3. Communicate with the staff regarding house issues.
  4. Ensure guests are following house rules.
  5. Inform staff of any guest violating house rules.
  6. Greet all new guests.
  7. Explain rules to new guests in your house, give a tour of the house, assign refrigerator and cupboard space, and introduce them to other guests in the House.
  8. Assign chores and ensure they are done properly and in a timely manner.
  9. Complete undone chores.
  10. Make sure rooms are clean and check for contraband after a guest leaves.
  11. Attend all Head of House and House Meetings.
  12. Assist staff with guests.
  13. Other duties as assigned.