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Sober Living Home
Our homes offer affordable and substance-free living environments that foster positive peer-group support. We prioritize individual growth and self-sufficiency by providing a space where guests can develop personalized programs and work towards their goals.

The money that is given by our guest is consider a contribution to the house.

The men that join our house are considered guest in our home.

Head of House
A guest that has be chosen to oversee the daily function of the home. The head of house may be used to resolve minor conflicts within the house. Also to oversee that everyone is safe and remain clean and sober for the integrity of the home.

House Meetings
Meeting with all our guests to address and resolve all minor issues.

Meeting Cards
Used to track the NA/AA or other meetings our guests attend. These can be shown to officials upon request.

Test Log
Used for monitoring the testing of our guests. This can be shown to officials upon request.

Contribution Log
Used for tracking the contributions made by our guests.